A sustainable business

Acting in a sustainable way while assuming great responsibility is an integrated part of NCAB’s business model and long-term strategy. A clear sustainability strategy guides NCAB in the right direction, with the aim of realizing sustainable growth and the positive changes the company wants to see in the industry.

NCAB’s sustainability strategy was launched in 2014. Dialogue with the company’s stakeholders together with the ISO 26000 standard form the foundation in identifying and specifying the business’s long-term goals and focus areas. These include ethical, social and environmental dimensions. NCAB’s focus on taking full responsibility is important when the company develops and pursues its operations.

The company creates value for its stakeholders by conducting operations in a responsible manner in the value chain, by identifying opportunities to affect positive change and by minimizing risks for adverse effects within and outside the company’s areas of

NCAB has divided its sustainability work into three focus areas in relation to its stakeholder groups; customers, employees and factories.


This is the symbol for our sustainability work. It incorporates the vital dimensions of ISO 26000, ethical, social and environmental aspects and illustrates that we take full responsibility in everything we do.