NCAB Group in short

NCAB is a full-service supplier of PCBs (i.e. printed circuit boards) with local presence in 17 countries and sales in 45 countries. NCAB offers a broad range of PCBs which, after receiving a customer order, are sourced from external manufacturers, predominantly located in China. NCAB delivers added value to its customers through its own concept of ”Integrated PCB production”. This concept means that NCAB takes the whole responsibility towards the customer – from design support, via prototyping, production and quality control to delivery – as opposed to a basic trader, which generally acts as an outsourced purchasing function. NCAB’s customers interact with NCAB and not with the manufacturers. By using NCAB, the customers can source PCBs, especially in the high-mix low-volume (”HMLV”) segment, more efficiently, and can thus lower the costs for handling purchasing, freight, quality control, returns and claims.

In 2018 NCAB sold approximately 121 million PCBs and net sales for the year amounted to 1,617 MSEK and adjusted EBITA to 143.8 MSEK. NCAB was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

NCAB owns no production facilities. Instead NCAB purchases its products from a network of manufacturers. NCAB currently has 22 preferred manufacturers, predominantly located in China.

NCAB in numbers

  • 1,725 customers
  • 17 countries with local presence
  • 22 manufacturers
  • 45 markets
  • 378 employees
  • 121 million produced printed circuit boards per year