The NCAB Group is a decentralised organization with a very high degree of local time zone & language decision-making power, supported by centralised support functions. This way of working frees up time and resources for the local companies to fully focus on all customer requirements.

Group Functions

The overriding responsibility of Group Functions is to develop systems, processes and markets. An efficient team of specialists are on hand to support the local companies who interact using the same Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) and processes. This is an efficient way of working; we learn from each other’s successes and mistakes, and do not need to devise new processes when common routines already exist.

Local company

Your local company is responsible for customer relations, as well as on the spot monitoring of orders and deliveries. NCAB’s centralised functions contribute significantly to the cost efficiency of the local companies and allows them to focus on your operation and product. You are in direct touch with NCAB’s decision-makers, which enables fast handling, thus freeing up time and resources for design and customer support in your local language. Every company within the NCAB Group operates as an autonomous economic unit, responsible for its own profit and loss, which gives you a high level of commitment.

Factory Management

The Factory Management team is responsible for continuous improvement and management of our factory portfolio, with responsibility for monitoring quality, logistics & order management. The team have dedicated staff at each factory, are fluent in local languages, dialects and are also English speaking.