Our offering

NCAB is a global full-service supplier of PCBs that, through the concept “Integrated PCB production”, assumes an overall responsibility towards its customers – from design support, through prototyping, production and quality control to delivery – adding value at every stage. Quality is one of NCAB’s most important cornerstones and strongest values – and quality pervades all parts in the company’s integrated full-service offering.

NCAB does not own any factories. Instead, the company purchases its products from a network of manufacturers. NCAB currently has 22 manufacturers in its network, 17 of which are in China. NCAB’s five other manufacturers are located in Europe and the USA and are used primarily for prototyping and for orders with very short lead times. NCAB aims to be an important partner and account for at least 15% of each manufacturers’ sales to secure a close relationship, improve purchasing power and to gain priority of each manufacturer.

Through the contracted manufacturers, NCAB can offer its customers almost all types of PCBs while reducing dependency on a single manufacturer. In order to ensure high flexibility, capacity and strong purchasing power in its customer offering, NCAB strives to multi-source all PCB technologies.

This is NCAB