Our offering

NCAB is an advanced PCB trader, acting as a key player in the PCB purchase process by aggregating supply and demand. NCAB delivers added value to its customers through its own concept of “Integrated PCB production”. This concept means that NCAB takes the whole responsibility towards the customer – from design support, via prototyping, production and quality control to delivery – as opposed to a basic trader, which typically acts as an outsourced purchasing function. Customers interact with NCAB and not with the manufacturers. In addition, NCAB works continuously to strengthen quality and its offering through its factory management, manufacturer audits and sustainability approach. By using NCAB, the customers can source PCBs, especially in the HMLV segment, more efficiently, and can thus lower the costs for handling purchasing, freight, quality control, returns and claims.

NCAB provides its customers with a full-service offering from design support to logistics solutions, with end-to-end accountability. Local presence, technical expertise (for example design support), rigid quality procedures (for example vetting and auditing processes for manufacturer qualification) and purchasing power are key components to the core offering.