Sustainable business – our responsibility

Quality and environmental management has been important to the NCAB Group for many years. During 2014, we decided to start using ISO 26000, an international standard for social responsibility, to help guide us in our work going forward. The result is a strategy covering ethical, social and environmental dimensions, with clear priorities for a sustainable business.

The standard ISO 26000, which we have used as a basis for our sustainability strategy covers numerous aspects of sustainability. We have used the standard to identify the issues that are most important to NCAB, based on our impact, stakeholder expectations and the improvements we can achieve. It serves as a way of illustrating how our sustainability work strengthens these relationships. Our strategy specifies long-term goals, measurable goals, and focus areas, from which we set concrete actions.

This is the symbol for all our sustainability work. It incorporates the vital dimensions of ISO 26000, environment, ethics and social and illustrates that we take full responsibility in everything we do.